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Public Lending Right (PLR) has finally been extended to include ebooks

ALCS has long been lobbying for the extension of PLR to the remote lending of ebooks and audiobooks and new legislation has now received Royal Assent to make this a reality.

This complements the legislation passed in the Digital Economy Act 2010 which extended PLR to audiobooks and on-site loans of ebooks.  ALCS welcomes this change that will finally enable authors to receive PLR payments for remote loans of their ebooks.  This has been a long campaign and we have worked with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport along with publishers, booksellers, libraries and agents as well as our colleagues at the Society of Authors to make this happen while ensuring that commercial interests remain intact. 

The Digital Economy Act 2017 now completes the picture to ensure authors will receive their PLR payments for books and audiobooks, ebooks and e-audiobooks whether loaned in the library or remotely.  With an increase in the number of loans of ebooks to around 4m this year this is not a moment too soon.

Registering your ebooks with PLR
PLR will now be updating their system for registering your ebooks and we hope to bring you guidance on this in early Autumn.  Please keep an eye out for this in ALCS News and on our website.  Of course you should continue to register your physical books as usual.  And if you haven’t yet registered with PLR, then please make sure you do to receive payments due to you.

Rate per loan
PLR for ebooks and audio books loaned remotely will apply to loans made after 1 July 2018.  Payments to you are due to be paid in arrears in early 2020. The rate of payment remains the same as for physical loans and the overall cap will remain the same.

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