Members' information


What are the different types of email*?

ALCS News 

The regular newsletter we sent out to Members - find out more about it here

AGM information

ALCS holds an Annual General Meeting to which we invite all Members. We'd like to send your invitation and provide information about any forthcoming Board elections to you by email wherever possible. 


ALCS would like, when relevant, to send emails with information that we think you will find of interest, or we feel is of particular importance and relevance to certain writers (for example when the deadline for article claims is, or when ALCS has secured a new source of income).

Event information/ miscellaneous emails 

We hold focus groups and other events for Members at our base in London and around the UK so if you would be interested in finding out more and being invited to events held by ALCS please sign up to receive these emails.  


You can do this at any time via any of the emails that are sent out to you from any of these sources - there is always an unsubscribe link at the bottom that takes you to a page where you can choose which email communications you wish to receive from ALCS.



* what we mean by this is automated emails - you may still receive personalised emails from individual staff at ALCS regarding your account when it's relevant.