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Design an awareness raising poster about copyright

Do you think you can help raise awareness of copyright?

At ALCS we are always looking for good ways to raise awareness of copyright so if any shadowing group members can come up with a poster that communicates this well then please send it to us, and if we decide to use your poster, then there will be some royalties in it for you.... 

Click on the link to the exercise below: 

If you have a poster that you'd like to send us, please include the following details:

  • The students name and age
  • Shadowing group
  • Group leaders name and contact details

Please scan (in high resolution if possible) and send your entries to competition@alcs.co.uk or post to us at: 

The Communications Department 
1st Floor, Barnard's Inn
86 Fetter Lane

There is no deadline for this, we'd like to hear from you at any time.