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As a Member of ALCS there are a few important things you need to do to help us ensure that you receive the maximum amount of income possible from us:

1. Written journal and/or magazine articles?

Make sure you claim for any articles that you have had published in magazines or journals within the last three years – we are currently accepting claims for articles published from January 2014 onwards. You can enter details via the Members' area or by downloading a form and posting it to the ALCS freepost address (see below).

2. Tell us about all your books and scripts

Let ALCS know so that we can add it to our database.  You do not need to 'claim' for these. However, information on the books and scripts you have written helps us to ensure we are tracking all your written works effectively and making payment of all income you are due.  You can register your books and scripts via the Members' area or by downloading a works information form.

3. Update your contact and bank details

Make sure you keep ALCS updated of your current address, telephone and email contact details and bank account details. This is essential if you are to receive your payments from ALCS without delay. You can enter and update this information via the Members' area of the ALCS website or, in the case of bank accounts, by downloading a form as before. Members without a bank account in the UK should download our international bank mandate.

All completed forms can be sent freepost to the following address:

1st Floor, Barnard's Inn
86, Fetter Lane