What we do


What we offer

What does ALCS offer writers?

ALCS is a membership organisation, open to all kinds of writer. We offer a unique range of services to our Members.

COLLECTS monies owed to writers

ALCS collects money due to Members for secondary uses of their work. These include such things as photocopying, cable retransmission in the UK and overseas, digital reproduction and educational recording. This sort of income is typically made up of small transactions that are difficult for individual writers to monitor, but can be tracked by ALCS using our sophisticated database.

PAYS monies due to writers

ALCS makes payments twice a year, in February/March and August/September to writer Members owed money for secondary uses of their work.

CAMPAIGNS on behalf of writers

ALCS campaigns on behalf of writers both on a national and an international level. Through our advocacy work, ALCS aims to ensure that writers receive fair and adequate payment for the use of their work, and that writers’ rights are recognised and respected.

RAISES awareness of issues that affect writers

ALCS strives to keep our Members aware of any issues that may affect them as writers.